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Mark Sejvar, Mayor of Brushopolis Is Putting Powerful Tools in the Hands of Style Makers


October 18, 2017

By Mark Sejvar, the Mayor of Brushopolis

You probably put a lot of thought and effort into your haircare. Finding the right cut, color, shampoo and conditioner, styling products and hot tools that make your hair look awesome, even creating the perfect messy bun for those times you just can’t deal. Now – think about your hairbrush. Is it designed for your specific type of hair? Does it consistently deliver a great hair day? Is it healthy for your hair? Does it get you out the door faster and reduce stress on your wrist?

Anne White and I founded BRUSHOPOLIS based on our belief that your hairbrush is the most important tool for creating healthy, beautiful hair! If you think about it, you cleanse tone and moisturize your skin, so you should Prep, Style and Finish your hair, using the right brush for each step. You choose every element of your skin and hair routines based on your type of skin and hair. Not only should you use the right kind of brush for your hair type, but we realized that the hairbrush is completely missing from most people’s “Good Hair Day” equation.

Mark and Anne

Our story began when we helped to grow the original Monroe Brush professional brand to a network of salons and celebrity stylists nationwide. We built a passionate pro fan base, but we had an even bigger vision, to improve quality and manufacture them in the USA, and to sell them directly to consumers! It was a four year journey to make our new brush collections in America, it involved new machinery, new molds, amazing joy and breathtaking challenges. We decided early on that we would sell direct because we wanted to build a brand, have a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and keep our prices reasonable (a constant struggle when manufacturing domestically). E-commerce was the key.

Our Brushopolis e-commerce site lives on Shopify and is a constantly evolving destination for education, brand-building and, of course, selling products. The platform has a variety of templates that make it easy and cost effective to set up shop, even for novices. We are fortunate to have backgrounds in marketing and design, so we did it all ourselves using curated stock photos, our own product shots, videos and copywriting. One of the keys to success on our e-commerce site was creating an immersive customer experience. Because our core product is designed for specific hair types, we needed to create both awareness and ease of navigation. There are multiple paths to finding the perfect brush for your hair type and desired result. In our 4 years online we’ve done one major design overhaul and will continue to build content as a driver, feature new product launches and keep up on digital trends and consumer preferences so our site will always feel fresh and informative.

We are rewarded everyday with great comments from consumers, bloggers, influencers and media that have realized what a difference a great hairbrush makes. We are truly thankful to media leaders like Mpls StPaul Magazine for the amazing profile story, Well+Good Magazine (who named us one of biggest indie beauty trends for 2018), and celeb stylists like Jennifer Brent and Takisha Sturdavent Drew who shared out Teasedale Brush on Good Morning America.

Our e-com advice to others is to:

1. Know your customer and where they like hang out online. Use that to influence the design of your site.

2. Make sure your site is fabulous on mobile devices. Consumers spend more time on their phones than their desktop.

3. Unless your strategy is to be a marketplace, don’t think of your site like a catalog or store. Think of it as a magazine or entertainment channel.

4. Create an active dialog with your customer. Social media feeds, live chat, reviews, are all ways to build an on-going relationship and get feedback to improve your products and services.

5. Use data to constantly optimize your site. Search terms, links, meta-data, tags are your best e-com friends.

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