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How to Easily Create Images of Models Wearing Your Apparel – No Photoshop or Hiring Models Required


September 18, 2020

By Melissa Buening, Founder of Ecommerce Movers and Shakers and The Minnesota Nice Company

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Let's say you have an online apparel store, you used the basic product mockup images that were provided by your print-on-demand service on your product pages when you set up your store, and now you want to add some more realistic images of models wearing your apparel to give your customers a better sense of how your designs look on real people and add to your brand’s identity. You also don’t actually have any of the product on-hand to photograph or if you do have samples you either aren’t a professional photographer or lack funds to hire models for a photoshoot. Or maybe you sell apparel online that you create yourself and the same photography/model barriers apply to you as well. Let’s also say that you have heard of resources that give you templates of models wearing apparel that you then need to bring into Photoshop in order to edit, but you don’t know how to use Photoshop.

What are you to do?

Use Placeit to create pictures of models wearing your apparel.

Placeit allows you to choose an image from their library (thousands of options!), choose a custom color for the apparel the model is wearing, and upload and place your artwork in the proper position. You do all of this directly on their site, without having to download any programs.

Visit Placeit's site to find models for your clothing line.

When you arrive on their site, hover over “Mockups” in the top navigation and then click on “Apparel”.

apparel mockups

If you want to drill down to specific types of products, then click on the products in the left menu you would like to see. You can also drill down by specific model looks and activities.

Here is what the editor looks like.

placeit editor

I used Placeit to create several images of models wearing clothing for The Minnesota Nice Company.

Here are a few of the mockups of models in t-shirts I created using Placeit.

Placeit has an unlimited downloads subscription for $14.95 per month or you can subscribe for a year for only $89.69! This is far less expensive than if you were to hire models for your clothing brand. You also have the option to purchase images individually without signing up for a subscription on Placeit.

Tip for selecting the color for the apparel in the mockup

I used an app called HueGo Lite to find the color of each product from the mockups that were provided by the print-on-demand services I used and then I used the Hex # for the color of the product in Placeit. Hover the magnifying glass over a spot on your product that best depicts the color of the product, avoiding shadows. Click on the “go!” button. Click on the Hex #RRGGBB option and it will copy the code for you.

huego lite

Click on the color dropdown in Placeit and then click on the “more” button.


Click into the box that has #ffffff. Delete that code and then paste the code you just got from the HueGo Lite tool. Click on the “choose” button.

color code

You might want to further adjust the color depending on how it looks after being rendered in each image. This can be done by going back into the color and dragging the dot around in the box or dragging the slider on the right side of the box.

Places to use your images

I used the images I created for The Minnesota Nice Company in various locations. I placed each model image on their respective product page as a secondary image. I also added model images to the home page slider and in various other places on the home page. I used the model mockup images in Instagram posts and Tweets, on Pinterest and Facebook, and in email marketing campaigns.

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