5 Tips to Succeed in Ecommerce from Crayola’s VP of Ecommerce, Jason Eastman


October 17, 2017

By Jason Eastman, Vice President of Ecommerce at Crayola

Navigating the eCommerce space for business is a bit like checking your Facebook news feed: everyone else looks like they’re doing it better and having a great time while doing it. The reality is, the only folks who appear to have figured out this new means of “commerce” are those brands and products that are native to online, who you’ve possibly never heard of, and are winning the buy box that used to belong to your brand in brick and mortar.

After twenty years in customer management calling on the likes of Target, Walgreens and Publix among others, there has been no greater gift to my career than the opportunity to figure out the white space that is eCommerce. The 10 months I’ve spent learning how to do business here has already seen me learn and unlearn what were eCommerce best practices, ground me in the importance of the 4P’s (evolved but more important than ever) and what it truly means to start with the shopper in mind.

As for any advice I’d give in succeeding in this space on behalf of your brand:

1. Research matters (and there is a ton available).

2. Take a call from one of those solicitations in your inbox every so often (it’s a free opportunity to learn).

3. Trust the instincts that got you here (did I mention that the 4P’s are still relevant?).

4. Make a believer of and/or enlist the support of an Executive sponsor and cross-functional partners who understand the “commerce” revolution that is underway.

5. Acknowledge that the challenges your brand may be facing in winning in eCommerce are caused by internal and not external pressures.

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